Michael Jackson

I’ve added this Michael Jackson page not only for MJ fans, (which is essentially “preaching to the choir), but more for his skeptics. I present this in the hopes of making some folks a bit more aware of what passes for “news” in this world, but what is in fact nothing more than unchecked rumors, and fabrications. This goes for ALL news, not just regarding MJ.

My having had the opportunity to work with Michael for ten years gave me a very privileged insight. I will forever have a deep respect and awe for his many groundbreaking talents and his selfless commitment to humanity and the earth.

He was and will forever be loved by millions but was also ignorantly and unfairly judged, ridiculed, and viciously attacked by those with ill intent. I hope you can all glean some wisdom from this content and move forward with a little deeper thought as to what information you are fed.

Jennifer Batten

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” - Albert Einstein


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