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Before paying for lessons, please write and make sure I'm not touring to:

 Skype Guitar Lesson
60 minutes



<---Aside from the live lesson, I'll send videos and links after the fact
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Al Wells 2-16
 You've just recruted a new student.  I am excited about this software.  Thank you so much for this tutorial.  This is what I've been looking for.





52 total video lessons for

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"I just bought myself a Christmas present, your new lesson, 50 Intervallic licks. Wow, these licks are going to shake my playing up a notch. I love them already. I also take lessons online from Paul Gilbert and I cant wait to start mixing your licks with his and to come up with some really crazy licks."

Bill Healy



  Jennifer's first Guitar Courses for Creative 

 2rsauce.jpg  Rhythm or Lead Guitar! 


Overview video


Overview video


Rock Sauce For Rhythm Guitar

Rock Sauce for Lead Guitar

Disc and download $39

Rock Sauce for Lead Guitar 

Instant Download  $19

 Any plans on visiting Australia at some stage? I would love to attend one of your workshops. I'm working on the Rock Sauce course at the moment and really enjoying it. Great content and each section is explained really well. -David G-Australia

Your course is great and learning your nastophonics is a riot!

Bill H Detroit


  Guitar Sauce is maybe the most creative guitar lessons I have EVER had : really AWESOME :-D !!!-Laura France


Have it and love it. Hugely inspiring stuff!  Its one of my favourite Truefire course's to date...Burt C-FBook



I just purchased your lessons on True Fire. I don't think I have received a better way to learn. Especially the "mixo-bluesean". I was doing something like that instinctively, because I liked the way it sounded, but you gave even me more expansion to using them together. And the chromatic stuff too.
     I have been trying to find a teacher like you, but over the years I have had zero luck...Too bad you don't have private lessons...Glad I found out about you... Thanks! Bob H-Colorado


CD'S  PLEASE provide phone number and contact name (in PayPal comments area) with order if outside of USA


Debut CD
"Above, Below, and Beyond"

 Jennifer Batten's Tribal Rage

 Jennifer Batten
"CD/DVD: Whatever"

"Above Below and Beyond"
Minus Lead Guitar Tracks
Minus Lead Guitar Tracks






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  More info,photos, and demo video  $59.95

 Studio Console Big Hair Poster 23" X 18"


Tornado  Poster 

 16" X 12"

Transcribed Peter Sprague Solos by Jennifer Comes with CD of Solos


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